Episode 72: "Setting Boundary's With The Addiction"

Candace Plattor | Family Addiction Therapist

Episode 72

Show Notes

Guest: Candace Plattor | Family Addiction Therapist

Date: February 28, 2023

It was an amazing privilege to have Candace Plattor on my show today!

Candace is a family addiction therapist, TEDx Speaker, and Award-Winning Author: Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself.

In this BHI episode, we get into many important topics regarding substance abuse and the negative impacts it has on individuals and their loved ones.

Candace does an amazing job informing individuals and their family’s regarding the services that she provides as well as appropriate and healthy interventions family’s can apply to their family members going through their addictions.

We also get into conversations on many different ways a family can set healthy respectful boundaries with their loved ones going through their substance use addiction. We also get into a discussion on the many different ways enabling related behaviors may look like preventing their loved one from getting the help that they need.

It was an absolute pleasure to have candace on my show!

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Jacob Minnig, MA, LADC

Jacob has always had a strong passion for helping people in need, in addition to helping others achieve their personal health and fitness goals. He has experience with and enjoys assisting others as they work through life’s challenges.

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