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Episode 98: Episode 98: "Psychedelic Therapy in the Future of Healthcare" Interview with Sofia Peeva, M.D. Christopher Fischer, M.D. Jordan A. Dobrowski, LCSW, and Ryan Paul, Phd

Sofia Peeva | MD Christopher Fischer | MD Jordan A. Dobrowski | LCSW Ryan Paul | Phd

Behavioral Health Integration Podcast

On Behavioral Health Integration, we’re working to create a community of aspiring and practicing behavioral health workers. Weekly episodes feature guests speaking to their expertise and showcasing the diversity of approaches to mental health and substance abuse treatment. Our aim is to continue to raise awareness about and encourage collaboration in the behavioral health industry so that it will continue to thrive.


  • Episode 86

    "Ketamine Assisted Therapy vs Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy What is the difference?"

    Sofia Peeva | M.D. Christopher Fischer | M.D. Jordan A. Dobrowski | LCSW
  • Episode 85

    "Introduction To Microdosing"

    Peggy Van de Plassche
  • Episode 84

    "Physician Burnout and What to do about it?"

    Diana Londoño | MD
  • Episode 83

    "Immigration Resilience and Mental Health"

    Dr. Sugi (Sugandika) | Licensed Psychotherapist, TEDx, Public Speaker, CEU Provider
  • Episode 82

    "From The Streets To Recovery"

    Jay Pee Powell | ADC-T, CPRSS The Minnesota Hope Dealerz
  • Episode 81

    "The Psychedelic Healing Journey"

    Michael Thornhill Randall Hansen | Ph.D.
  • Episode 80

    "The Journey from Military Trauma to Triumph"

    Olivia Nunn | Army Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)
  • Episode 79

    "Regenerative Private Practice"

    Wendy Kendall | Chartered Psychologist
  • Episode 78

    "Toxic Feminism/Masculinity"

    Ashley Junghans-Rutelonis | Ph.D., LP Matthew Syzdek | Ph.D., LP, MBA
  • Episode 77

    "What Do We Really Think Of The Mental Health Field?"

    Justin Gillespie | LMSW
  • Episode 76

    Zion Medical Treatment Center

  • Episode 75

    "A Mans Journey Through Healing and Recovery"

    Rick Dauer | Author and Trainer